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You made the leap!  The decision to start your own business, purchase an existing business or open a franchise. You were motivated by the passion you have for the product you sell or the service you provide. Don’t be bogged down with bookkeeping. Focus on your passion, allowing your business to thrive and let us help you with the rest.

As a designated accountant with experience in preparing year end financial statements and corporate tax returns, we take bookkeeping to a professional level.  You are getting much more than a bookkeeping service.  We take bookkeeping to the next level with understanding of the bigger picture.

Why Retain Our Services?

We can be as involved as you need or desire us to be.  We can assist you:

  • On a monthly basis reconciling credit cards and bank statements, filing of payroll remittances, HST remittance, WSIB and more!
  • On a quarterly basis for reconciliations and HST remittance, WSIB and more!
  • We can assist throughout the year with tax planning
  • We assist with budget planning and cash flow management

Compliance Reporting

Let us help you avoid penalties and interest!  We can assist with:

  • HST filings, payroll remittance, WSIB remittance, T4’s, T5’s, T5018’s and any other industry specific filing requirements
  • Small business tax filings

Tax Planning

Why wait until tax time to plan for tax time!  Self-employment offers the opportunity to plan ahead for the tax bill.  Eliminate the stress of last minute estimating of numbers in order to meet the RRSP deadline.  Up to date reporting of income and expenses will provide you with the information you require for tax planning throughout the year as well as running various RRSP contribution scenarios to assist with financial planning. Meet with your tax advisor/financial planner as the year progresses versus the last week of February.

Management Decision Making

It just makes sense! How can you be equipped to make those critical decisions if your income and expenses are not up to date?

You need an accurate picture of your expenses in order to ensure you are achieving those desired profit margins when quoting on jobs. Frequent reporting will provide you with the opportunity to adjust your estimating if you are able to identify issues immediately.

Remaining current on expected cash inflows and outflows is critical for cash flow management.  Remaining current with bookkeeping provides the information required to accurately plan for cash flow surplus and/or restraints.